2021 - 2022 Committees

    Audit Chair: Kraig Moodie
    Awards Chair: Eric Held
    Budget & Finance Chair: Ellen Frketic
    Budget & Finance Vice-Chair: Laura Jo Oakes
    Business Practices Chair: Gary Moore
    Bylaws Chair:  Alan Will
    Leadership Series Chair:  Cece Nguyen
    Nominations Chair:  Cece Nguyen
    Publications Co-Chair:  Chaka Kamran
    Publications Co-Chair:  Islam Khallaf
    Publications Vice-Chair:
Aaron Hughes
    Sponsorship Chair: Mike Cecil
    Sponsorship Vice-Chair:  Cheryl Paulin
    Strategic Planning Co-Chair: Ted DeBoda
Strategic Planning Co-Chair:  Yvette Judge
    Membership Chair: Charles Poskas
    Membership Vice-Chair:  Damion Lampley
    Public Communications & Outreach Chair: Pamela Rowe 
    Student Activities Liaison:  Pono Hanson
    Student Activities Co-Chair: Chris Overcash
    Student Activities Co-Chair: Alexis Wingfield
    Young Professionals Co-Chair:  Sanyukta Gokhale              
    Young Professionals Co-Chair:  Alana Gildner

    Asset Management Chair: Steve Tarallo
    Asset Management Vice-Chair: Bhaumik Hotha
    Collection Systems Chair: Madeleine Driscoll 
    Collection Systems Vice-Chair:  Cheryl Paulin
    Fly-In Chair:  
    Government Affairs Chair: Marlou Gregory
    Laboratory Practices Chair: David Wildasin
    Laboratory Practices Vice-Chair: Dale Baker
    Plant Operations, Maintenance, and Safety Chair: Kenrick St. Louis 
    Plant Operations & Maintenance and Safety Vice-Chair: Gregory Stephens
    Residuals & Biosolids Management Chair: Hahns Hairston
    Residuals & Biosolids Management Vice-Chair: Mark Ramirez
    Spring Meeting Chair: Chein-Chi Chang
    Spring Meeting Vice-Chair: Laura Jo Oakes
    Stormwater Chair:   Jessica Seipp
    Stormwater Co-Vice-Chair:  Alexi Sanchez de Boado 
    Stormwater Co-Vice-Chair:  Pratik Desai

    Technical Education Chair: Matt Zelin
    Technical Education Vice-Chair: Chike Monwuba
    Water Reuse Chair:  Andrew Kreider

    CWEA Short Course Committee:  Scott Harmon, Bill Farrell,
            Noelle  Anuszkiewicz, Clark Howells, Wayne Reed

    CWEA Tri Association Conference Committee Reps: Gian Cossa, 
            Clarence Beverhoudt, Pono Hanson, Jegnaw Essatu

    MDE W/WW Board Liaison: Clark Howells
    YH2O / Mentorship Co-Chair: Kraig Moodie
    YH2O / Mentorship Co-Chair: Dennis Hasson
    YH2O / Mentorship Vice-Chair:  
    SJWP Committee Chair:  
    Training, Review, & Evaluation Chair: Clark Howells

CWEA  Executive Administrator: Traci Storm