Young Professionals Committee


Would you like to join the YP Committee?  Click HERE, and someone will reach out to you!

Join the YP Coffee Chats every third Wednesday from 8:30 am until 9 am.  Tune in to hear industry professionals share their career experiences with the group.  You can find the meeting link and information by clicking HERE.

The YP Committee sends newsletters with upcoming event information, service opportunities, and committee needs.  By joining the YP Committee, you will be added to the newsletter mailing.  If you'd like to view a past newsletter, feel free to look for the desired newsletter below and click the link. 
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Get to know your Young Professionals Committee Representatives:
General YP Correspondence
YP Co-Chairs    Tom Howard
Carlos Mejia
Washington D.C.
Representative Group
Aaron Mann (DC Rep Leader)
Dorian Hemming
Nashid Mirza
Gabrielle (Elle) Mountain
Eastern Maryland Rep
(Baltimore Area)
Wester Maryland Rep
(NoVA and Frederick Area) & YP Vice-Chair
CSAWWA LiaisonXier
VWEA (NoVA Chair) LiaisonAlana Gildner (also past YP Co-Chair)
YP Marketing RepZiwei
YP Newsletter RepSavannah Steinly - work email
Savannah Steinly -  personal email
Delaware RepOPEN! 
Flyers & Graphic Design RepAnne